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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Smashing Waves...

Fishing, not necessarily catching... that is what it's called, fishing..
Today was a fishing day.. I got to the launch early, heard that Three Tree Point was the place to go to catch Kings... two different people told me this. I have fished there twice with little luck. BUT, I went there anyway, a long 20 minute scoot North in the pitch blackness of early morning. I was the first to arrive. I don't know why but I do not enjoy fishing at Three Tree Point. I left at 6:20 and drove South to Redondo. I got a message from my wife that a friend had his limit of two Kings by 8 am at... you guessed it, Three Tree Point!
Well, whatcha going to do? I got two really nice hits at Redondo, the first one stripped a lot of line, I put the boat in circle mode, the fish was right below the boat at one point way down in the murky depths of Puget Sound, I never saw him, he stripped more line and... was gone... Not much later and another nice strike, more peeling line, not as strong, maybe a silver? Maybe a humpy? I will never know... Gone... Fishing!
AHH, But the day before, now that's a fish story of a different color!
Andy and I went out in my boat, I am not sure if he has been on my boat before, it is always a pleasure to have Andy around, he is a McGiver type person... Always tinkering with something, making it better. Always an opportunity to learn something.
Anyway, fishing. Seems almost immediately, around 6 am, we were both doing something and we hear my rod screaming, it is definitely not connected to the down rigger any longer and line is being peeled from the reel, Andy gets ready to grab my rod and then thinks better of it as he looks at me, I chuckle inwardly, he moves out of the way as I grab the rod and start reeling although line is still being stripped from the spool. OH MY WHAT FUN! The scramble is on, where's the net? Should I slow the motor? Should I get the other down rigger out of the water? Is it a large fish? All these thoughts and more run thru your mind in seconds... meanwhile you keep reeling, keep the tip up...
After She ran, she didn't run much more, expending all her energy in her initial run, usually you get three good rips from a large fish... Andy did a great job netting the fish and we were rewarded with a 15 lb. Black mouth!

We fished til about 11 am and caught two other fish, a nice Silver and a humpy. The sun was out, the cigars were good and the day was great!


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Beautiful fish!

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