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Monday, August 06, 2007

Good Trade!

I am reminded of the movie, Dances With Wolves. Especially the scene where Kevin Costner's' character loses his hat and the Indian brave finds it on the prairie and doesn't want to give it back. It is suggested that he give something for the hat. He gives up a nice knife and both parties are satisfied and the mediator says, "Good Trade!"
People have been coming to me lately to build them golf clubs. A fellow at work recently needed some Irons and a driver. I have several sets of irons and a few drivers. He liked a set of irons and one of the drivers. I am (was) in need of a kicker motor for my boat. (This was before Andy fixed my old kicker motor)...
I asked the fellow if he had a kicker motor? To my surprise he said, "yeah." He has a decent running 6 horse power Johnson motor and he was willing to trade it for the golf clubs! SWEET!
Now I have a nice back up motor for my fishing boat!



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