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Monday, August 06, 2007

Fished Friday too

took Dan Nomura fishing on my boat Friday... we fished Pt. Robinson for a couple of hours with out any success... so we flew up to Pt. Defiance. We trolled for a couple of minutes but Dan talked soon talked me into mooching. Mooching is a way of fishing whereby you drop your bait to the bottom of the sound and when your weight hits bottom, you begin to reel up the line about 7 or so feet off the bottom, stop for a few seconds and reel up some more, stop again and then continue reeling the bait to the surface. It is a lot more work than trolling and you catch a lot of dawg fish this way. I hate catching dawg fish, or as Dan calls them, circle fish. They always chew up your leader and you MUST replace it. But not all is bad about mooching as we each caught some nice salmon this way. The bummer is that we each had to let a nice Blackmouth go because they were "wild" salmon, here is a photo of the one I let go.

I think it was about 18 pounds. Give or take...
Here is a "circle fish" that bit on my line and then circled his way over and tangled itself in Dans line. HA! Paybacks!


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