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Friday, August 03, 2007

Glorious Day Times Two

Took our daughter katie fishing yesterday at Redondo, across the bay at Pt. Robinson actually. The water was smooth the sun was popping out it was a beautiful day!
My neighbor Andy lent me his extra kicker motor, a 9.9 hp Johnson Seahorse... It worked great in a 55 gallon barrel at home the night before, It started right up, but when I tried to get it to run faster, it wouldn't go into a higher speed. The throttle seemed to just spin all the way around its entire axis. Seems the teeth weren't engaging. Well, I came to fish and by golly...
Next thing to go wrong was one of my electric down riggers wouldn't retract. I was fishing with it at 35 feet, but it had no power... Had to hand crank it all the way up.
So, what to do? I set up the other down rigger and at least we were fishing, but then I had a bright idea! Why not stack another line onto the same down rigger?! I had purchased a stacker cable just for this purpose! Never used it but now was the perfect opportunity! I put the initial line down about 15 feet and stacked the other rods line on above that one and down they went, slick as you please!
We fished for several hours and caught two silvers this day. The first one I reeled in and I offered the rod to Katie but her response was, Dad, I want to net the fish! COOL! I instructed her to net it from the head and she did it superbly. Her pride was evident, so was mine!
The best part for me was watching Katie drive the boat across the bay as we headed home. Her hair was blowing in the wind and a smile played across her face, the wind was causing her eyes to water, we had a good laugh about that!
When we got home, Andy was there and I told him about the problems with his kicker motor, he quickly repaired it and simply touched my down rigger and it started working too, Andy has magic hands when it comes to mechanical things...
I told him I was off to bed, as I slept Andy repaired my kicker motor as well. I had taken it into the repair shop, but they said the cost of repair was more than the motor is worth. Actually the cost was all in the labor. It didn't need any parts, just cleaning out some blockage. About three hours worth of labor.
Thanks Andy for helping me out and being such a wonderful neighbor.


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