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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long Time

Since I posted here...
Last week I spent on day shift taking a Mobile Crane course required by Boeing.
I drive the mobile crane maybe once a year. It is difficult to become proficient on something that you rarely drive. Use it or lose it as the saying goes.
Getting upo at 4:45 am everyday was a pain in the #$%s.. I hated it. Besides, I couldn't sleep much anyway as I am normally awake those hours...
A week long course, cramming numbers and concepts into my head. OUCH! A hundred and twenty five question test on Thursday. Needing an 80% to pass, meaning you can miss 25 questions. I passed with an 88, I missed 15. I honestly believe the bar should be set to a 90% to pass. A mobile crane is not a plaything although experienced operators make it look so...
To celebrate I met my son Ryan downtown for a beer and a burger, he took me to where he works and showed me around. Wow, lot's of people downtown..
As I arrived home and pulled into the garage, my wife met me and wondered when I got the flat tire? I somehow had a flat tire and made it to my garage without ever knowing! Luck of the Irish I guess. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket that day!? :)
In September I have to pass a hands on test with the crane. It is a difficult test and I am gong to be practicing my operating skills.
My boat is still not sea worthy! It is killing me not to be able to get out and get after the Salmon that are showing up. My kicker motor is perhaps on it's last legs.

My neighbor offered his sons kicker but it has the same problem as mine. Tonight a fellow worker is supposed to bring in a kicker motor for me to try out. We might make a trade, some custom golf clubs for his motor. That would be sweet!
I am preparing for my first paid magical gig coming up this Saturday! I am excited for it! About time!


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