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Thursday, August 30, 2007

On The Sound

More fishing this day, while fishing I often reflected about Ted.
Gotta live your life, Bummer man! All kinds of thoughts going thru my noggin...
Family ties, family lies, family spies, and finally, family dies...
Had a nice bite today on the water, Katie couldn't make it because she had to go to school to set up her classes and schedule as a 9th grader.
But I went anyway, I turned down an offer to golf free at Merridian Valley Country Club. A great, tough track. They used to hold a fantastic women's PGA event there.
But fish are here and I am there.
I caught a nice 9 lb. Blackmouth, a 5 lb. Blackmouth and a 6 lb. Humpy.
A good day when you catch your limit plus 1 !
I also caught a squid, when I put him in the bucket of water, he got excited and squirted out black ink. Kind of weird!
Before filleting




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Tim, it's me, donaleen. Were those fish good? You did eat them right away didn't you?

3:14 PM  

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