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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gone, in a snap

A three day weekend and it's gone as fast as you can now snap your fingers...
I was asked by my boss to work Saturday and Sunday... I didn't even know it was a three day weekend... I thought about it for a minute and answered yes to working the weekend(I thought it only a two dayer)... My boss said something like," as of right now we're not working Monday..." this clued me in to the fact that it was a holiday weekend... I said something like is this a three day weekend? He said yeah, Labor day.. and you're not going to let us work the Monday? Nope,he replied. O.K. here's my thoughts. You work the weekend because it's really good money, a trade off, you trade your family time for extra pay. They pay extra for your valuable time, but to not give you the Monday is criminal to me.. especially on 3rd shift... It messes with your sleep routine which is already screwed up enough as it is, but to have you take a day off in the middle is really difficult... So I told him, I don't want your overtime...
Went fishing on Friday with Katie and we got skunked, didn't see many fish caught by other boaters either. We had a great time just being together and of course, we brought her dog Cub along too.
Saturday I was in a foggy mood, this happens after staying up for some 28 hours straight... it catches up with you and knocks you down, but I eventually got some things done, I changed the oil in both the car and the truck, they both are purring now! We don't drive the Suburban too much, it got driven about 5500 miles in the last year, price of gas being what it is... the Intrepid, well that gets about 20,000 miles a year, just replaced the tires again...I still like that car, we bought it new in 1996 and It still looks great.
BBQ'd some of that King Salmon in the freezer, it was excellent!

Sunday we attended church and then went home and vegetated a bit, watched some t.v. took the dog for a walk and relaxed in our hottub.
Monday I slept in and finally got rollin' around 10:30, knowing I had to work that night, Joan let me sleep in...
I talked her into going out on the boat around 1:30 in the afternoon. Not the best time to fish, but I wanted to see how the adjustments I made to the "new" kicker motor would work. We took Cub with us and spent about three hours on Puget Sound. It was a nice peaceful time. Didn't catch any fish...


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