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Monday, December 03, 2007

Letters From Iraq

Here is the latest from our Boy Eric, a man actually, he turns 21 Dec. 13th...
His high school friend Mike Caniparoli joined him last week in Iraq. They played some Baseball together. I coached Mike one season, he told his dad that I was hard on him and didn't like him, his dad said, Tim likes you just fine, he just wears his emotions on his sleaves..
Later, after Mike had been in the Marines for a year, he came to a baseball practice I was coaching, I apologized to him if I had been to tough on him, His reply, 'heck no, Mr. Flynn sir, I wish I would have listened to you more, I would have been a better ball player.'
Now he and eric are together again.
I ask that you pray for them and all our troops,
God bless you,

hey whats up pops how ya doin? mike said that he already emailed his dad, but in case he didnt give him his address it is the same as mine.

anyways, how are things at home? things here have been slow but look to be picking up a little bit. tomorrow i will be going out on about a nine day mission. i wont be working the entire nine days i am just going to another little base that we work at and whatever they need me for i will do. mike is also going out tomorrow for about seven days to another little base. other than that things here are pretty much normal. the three other new guys that came here with mike are all pretty cool. one of the two navy guys is kinda wierd but whatev. the other guy is a sergeant in the marine corps who took over as our kennel master because our other kennel master got fired and moved to another base where he will be in charge of nothing. our new km is a good guy and is running things alot better than our old one. so there are six of us here now instead of five. we had to build an extra room inside our room so things are a little more cramped but not bad. i was supposed to go out with the seals on a three day mission a few days ago but for some reason the infantry unit here is saying marines cant go out on missions with seals. its dumb because at other bases in iraq i know guys that are going out on missions with the seals. plus we go out on missions with other navy guys here sometimes so i dunno what the deal is. we are trying to figure it out right now. im gonna try to introduce one of the new navy handlers to the seals so if for some reason marines arent allowed to go out with them at least he will be able to. he has been deployed as a dog handler to afghanistan before and worked with a seal team there so i know he will be a good candidate for it. other than that ive just been goin to the gym like normal. pretty much staying right around 175 but cutting up a little bit. the weather here is starting to get really cold, especially at night. its good for the dogs because they dont have to work in the heat, but it kinda sucks for us. its cool though i would much rather be cold than hot, you can only take so many layers off but you can always put more on. alright, well i hope everything back home is going great. i wont be able to talk while im out on this mission unless someone has a sat phone, then maybe i will be able to make a call home. i love you all and i will talk to you soon.


ps: im putting a picture of me and mike on myspace because i cant figure out how to attach one to this email.

From: nnylf1@hotmail.com

Eric, Mark Caniparoli Sr. is asking about Mike, they haven't heard from him yet and is asking for his address there, any help would be appreciated. If possible, have Mike email them, also send photo's of you and the Mikester!
Love you

Hook Em Sure And True!


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