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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday Fun

Son Ryan invited Joan and I to join him at his place to see it and then go to Seattle water front to enjoy the day. The drive was a fairly eventful event as our car decided to overheat. I pulled over and was able to ask someone for some water from their outdoor hose. I filled the radiator and we drove back home. On the way home two cars in front of us, all of a sudden there was a box spring mattress floating thru the air with the greatest of ease. I stopped in the middle of the highway and got out of our car to help with the mattress. This was interesting because this caused traffic to stop both ways on this two lane highway!
Well we made it home and exchanged vehicles and again headed to Seattle.
We met up with Ryan and his girlfriend Myoko.
Drove downtown and enjoyed the city a little. Eating at Ivars Acres of Clams and then walking up to Pike Place Market.
Of course, what trip to Seattle wouldn't be complete without a bit of Seattle's famous liquid sunshine!


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