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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Afternoon, Wet & Wasted

Man how time flies.... I got up late Saturday as I couldn't sleep. Turned the kitchen faucet on and the handle came off. This has been an ongoing battle for over a year. I tighten it up and it lasts for a good two to three months, but this was it's eventual demise. Heck, I think it's the original and the house was built in 1987.
So, I spent about seven hours laying on my back staring up into the bowels of my kitchen sink. Five trips to the hardware store and I finally got it right. AARRGH!
It was supposed to be a simple fix. We had a nice (we thought) faucet from a sink that was my sister in laws. I had it all hooked up but there was a nice pin hole in one of the copper tubes and water sprayed all over, had to take it all apart and get a new faucet, of course this one needed different tubing. And the beat goes on, and on... Five trips to the hardware store! No kidding!
We are planning on remodeling the kitchen soon, so I wanted to do this "minor" fix on the cheap. That's what you get. Oh well, I learned a lot and the new faucet works great. No drips either but I am wiped out, been a long day and still have four more hours of work to go!


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