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Friday, March 28, 2008

Water Leaking Everywhere?

Seattle is known for the rain!
And I suppose it is rightfully so...
We have been experiencing leaking water in many different things lately.
The Kitchen faucet, our roof above the garage, replaced the water heater a few months ago because it leaked. Our car of 12 years leaked earlier this month and we had to replace the radiator. Our hot tub is leaking in several places. Under the outer shell, buried beneath sprayed in foam insulation.Looks like fun, doesn't it!?

The hot tub is about eight years old and I love it. The repair costs are extremely high, so, I busted her open myself. I figured, hey, it's already leaking, so I might as well see what's what!
I have found three pvc joints that are leaking tremendously. I looked up some info on the Internet that might be a quick and easy fix. But I am contemplating using the stuff on all the joints, which means exposing them all. It is tedious work. My thoughts are that since the joints are leaking, it is most likely a problem with the glue used at these areas. The pvc pipe looks fine.
There is a product called "Plast-aid." (http://www.plast-aid.com)That I am going to try!
Hope it works!


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