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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Double the Recommended Daily Dose

Here I sit at about 4:30 on Saturday morning... got outta bed at 1:45 A.M. sounds really early doesn't it?
You would normally be correct except for the fact that I had just awoken from about 18 hours of sleep! That's right, I slept right through Friday, I did not pass go and did not collect two hundred dollars. SNOOZE! CRASH, BANG, BOOM, OUT!
Thursdays pleasure is the cause... I slept until about 11:15 am Thursday. which means I got about 3- 4 hrs. of rest. Got up early and met my friend Mike and we golfed at Druidsglen. It was a beautiful day on the course. Sunshine, clear skies and the mountains all around! I shot a very respectable 85. The greens had recently been punched and sanded making putting very interesting.
I stayed up after golf and went to work getting off at 6 A.M. getting to bed Friday morning about 7. My wife set the alarm for 1:30 pm, but I rolled over instead of rolling out! Around 3pm she tried to wake me again, again I just rolled over. At 1:45A.M. my body had enough. I was aching from too much sleep. I wanted to stay in bed so I would be awake for Saturday, instead I got up, showered, shaved and ate some food. Read for awhile and here I am.
I would like to get alot done today. Perhaps get the garage cleaned up and sorted out. The long winter has made a mess of it. Kind of a free for all holding pen for various items. Getting the boat dug out early this year would be nice.
Would like to plant some potatoes today too. Katie and I made some "seeds" the other day.
Also I have a meeting planned with a woman who owns a coffee shop in Covington. She wants me to do magic in her shop once a month. Last Saturday Ryan and I stopped into the shop, Cutters Point for a cup of coffee, I did three magical effects for the lady Barristas and they told their boss, she called.
Not a paying gig, but perhaps something good to do for the community and for exposure?
Also on Thursday, I sold our 1991 Suburban. I hated to see it go, but it was time. We had it for about 6 years. It was a nice rig and we towed the boat with it! Many great memories for Katie as she would sleep in the "Burb" while I worked, and we would fish in the morning when I got off work. Some great father, daughter time!
Here is a photo of the nice rope I received free of charge after I have colored it yellow using "Rit" dye! Now it is ready for magical purposes!
One other thing I would like to mention while I am thinking of it, my neighbor tells me that after the "show" I did last week at his 50th b-day party. His nephew was telling the children, (his own I presume) how all the magic was done. He tells me it is because he is a new Christian and doesn't want his children thinking there is any magic. I state right up front during the performance that it is sleight of hand and requires many hours of diligent practice. My thoughts are that some people don't like magic and do not like it when their kids ask them how something is done and they don't know. It makes them look bad, at least they think so, so they tell their children so they make themselves look big. Like "I know how that's done, I'm not stupid."
If this is the case, I feel sorry for the individual, first, there is no way they know how all the "magic" I perform is accomplished. Secondly, they are stealing from the performer and their own children. Instead of delighting in the "magic," and applauding the performers efforts, they undermine the hard work and effort.Usually this is to make themselves "larger" in the eyes of those they are telling.
Really quite sad.


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