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Monday, March 24, 2008

Resurrection Sunday

Celebrated Easter yesterday!
Went to church and enjoyed celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus!
Afterward, some of our family joined us. Not pictured are Joan, and her sisters, Ellen, and Arlene and their mother Marion. Of course I'm not pictured either.
We enjoyed ham and potatoes, some wine, asparagus and good fellowship time.
The feast was not unlike Thanksgiving, as you can tell by what happened to these two boys after their wonderful meal!
Monday was a nice day as well.
The company I have worked for for the last 30 years honored me and my wife with a nice luncheon at Salty's restaurant on Alki. I enjoyed a Fillet Mignon
and Joan loved the Salmon.

It was a beautiful, full of sunshine and blue skies day.
Spring may have sprung. This nice weather caused me to get up on our roof and clean the gutters, sprinkle some moss killer and spray some insecticide along the perimeter of the homestead.


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