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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Magic Seminar at Philemon's

Ryan's 24th birthday was today, actually as I type it was yesterday. I called him but got his answering machine. We will try to spend some birthday time with him on Sunday. Times are very busy right now and we are down to one dependable vehicle.
24 years and it almost seems like yesterday that he was learning to ride a bike and throw a baseball. Reading to him on the couch and before bed time. Picking him up and patting him on the back when he got little scrapes and bruises, which was often, being the rambunctious tow headed boy he was. Teaching baseball and basketball and what we believe in, right from wrong and making wrongs right.
He is a fine young man and out on his own now. It is a great joy to see him and spend time with him from time to time. We have reached a wonderful "era" in our relationship of mutual respect and understanding, under girded with love for each other! Last Friday we spent about an hour in our hot tub talking about life, work, marriage, and this journey we are on. It was a special time for me as we opened up in ways that we couldn't before.
Wednesday night and I drove to Philemon Vanderbecks home to enjoy a seminar by World Famous magician, Dan Harlan, I guess he is really only famous in magic circles. the seminar was excellent, actually more than I expected. Dan is a very accomplished magician. He taught for about three hours, power packed information that was too much to get all in that short time. I look forward to doing some studying of his "lecture notes." He taught on Structure, Timing, your environment for performing and your delivery. He spoke on a process known as triple-trilogy. So, in effect we as magicians should have nine effects that make up a performed. These nine effects are further sub divided into three sets of three, making a beginning a middle and an end. Much like any novel or set of novels you might read.
I went to the seminar wanting to improve my magic and to do this, the area of most concern is my stage presence. Anyone can learn and do a magic trick. The really great ones are performers of the effect or people who entertain with their magic. The magical "trick" is secondary to the performance.
I have been on this magical journey for over four years now, and am excited to bring myself and magic to the nest level. I have enough "tricks", now it is time to become a better performer. This will require much study and patience, practice and performing. I will have to video tape myself and be brutally honest with myself about what I am dong and where I want to go with it.
Like I mentioned earlier, it is a process and a journey. I'm excited about what transpired tonight and looking forward to studying Dan's work!
Dan did an entire nine effect act for us and it was wonderful! He is so very relaxed and knows his material inside and out! Someday!!! This brings me to another point. I am still bummed that I didn't begin magic as a child. So many magicians I meet that are really polished have been performing magic their whole lives. I don't know, maybe I would be burned out with it by now?
No use crying over spilt milk!
Dan's "chops" were beautiful. I especially liked his handling of ropes. Very casual and relaxed. In a word, BEAUTIFUL!
That is what I would like my magic to be... Beautiful!
Dan also taught about managing your time, your props and your audience as well as the words you use to convey your message with magic. Here is a photo of the back side of his prop box which doubled as his performing table. Notice the nice "drop bag" for eliminating props once they have served their purpose.


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