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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Magic For Children

(I have sat on this post for awhile, hoping to get some pics...)

I've come a long way baby!
Is it o.k. to pat yourself on the back once in awhile!?
I believe it is, as long as you aren't getting BIG headed about it!
Last January I set two magical goals. One was to develop a childrens magic act. The other is to develop a Christmas Magic act.
I am close to fulfilling the first.
I haven't really started on the second, although I have some ideas and props available.
It is difficult to find the time or make the time to work on new material. Or maybe that is just an excuse?!
Ever since going to the Ickle Pickle Lecture back in August I have wanted to redirect my magic to include the little children.
Saturday I had the opportunity to enthrall several young children and their parents!
I was booked for a little four year old girls birthday party. When I got the call for the party, I actually tried to talk the mother out of hiring me, as I was doing this I am mentally asking myself, "what are you doing? You are on strike, and here is an opportunity to make some easy money." As it turned out, I finally had a long heart to heart discussion with the mother about hiring clowns vs. magicians and the benefits of both. She was planning a tinkerbell party, but her challenge was the number of boys coming to the party, (she felt that they wouldn't be into Tinkerbell, although I thought Tinkerbell was "hot" when I first saw her!)and do I do balloon animals too?
Since the woman lived close by, I drove over to her home and left her with a 30 minute video of my show!
Two days later I received an email from her that she and her husband would love to have me perform for their daughters and guests.
Well, that is all well and good, but I like to perform an hour show, half an hour just seems to short, I'm just getting warmed up!
She wanted a half hour so that is what I planned.
As it turned out it was more like 40 minutes.
I think that is because of all the fun we were having. It is nice to be able to interact with your audience, and not be constricted by being tied to your patter.
There were about 15 little kids, mostly ages two to five, but one girl nine, and another 12. The show was great, the kids had a blast laughing, and yelling and the parents and grand parents were all happy too!
That's what magic is all about!
Having fun!
I got silly with them and it was a magical time for all.
So, I must say that I have just about completed one of my goals for this year!
Creating a childrens act!
Right on!


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