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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Back to work

The strike ended last week, I have been in to work three days now, Sleep is eluding me.
I find it comical that management has take the strike person.
They have gone thru some lockers, removing t.v.'s and vcr's and dvd players.
Removing personal items from break rooms and in other cases moving peoples lockers out of firmly established break rooms into smaller confines.
Welcome back is not really in their vocabulary.
Many of them are truly happy to have the work force back. They had to endure long twelve hour days and working many week ends.
Others, like my upper management, seems to have taken the strike personally.
They are intent on flexing what muscle they have left, and instead of a hardy "welcome back, good to see you!" It is like they are intent on angering the returning employees.
This is funny to me because it is counter productive.
They need us to build and move the airplanes, which of course, because of the strike, Boeing (us) is way behind on getting to the customers.
Oh well, in time things will get back to normal.


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