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Saturday, October 25, 2008


As some of you might know, I am a member of the Bigfoot Clown Alley,
About a month ago, one of our members emailed me asking if I was available to perform magic for the South Tacoma Eagles club. They have an annual Halloween bash. Melon-E (her clown name) has done clowning for them three times in a row and the club wanted something different.
So today was the big day.
All went well and it was a good show. Everyone had fun!
Kids are an interesting lot to perform for. They do not hold anything back! They are actually quite funny and inquisitive. During the linking rings a couple of girls kept telling me to drop a ring. I was wondering why they would want me to do that?
Also, they grab anything and everything. Cutting the ends from the rope used during the cut and restored rope. Like those are valuable!
Afterwards they always come up and want an orange, until they realize I use fake oranges!
I find it very interesting to talk with them, and later the grown up parents.
The children are in awe of me and the adults are amazed.
After I left I drove to the Lakewood costume shop to give Melon-E some money. She works there.
It is a very nice place. I met the owner Dori and some young boy and his mother buying some magic. I demonstrated some magic for them. It was a lot of fun for me and brought me back almost 30 years to when I first visited a magic shop.


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