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Friday, November 14, 2008


When you abort the innocent unborn child, and celebrate it as a victory, and you lift it up as an ideal of progress, shame on you. The same holds true on the other end of the spectrum. We have just enacted a death with dignity law here in Washington state. I see all kinds of problems with this law. It is a slippery slope we should not tread down lightly. And yet it is hailed as a victory for human rights! Ha!
When we as a nation, elect people to high office that believe in massive wealth distribution, just for the sake of tearing down those that have worked hard to create that wealth, shame on you. These same people use their wealth and enjoy their massive amounts of money and enjoy it, but do not want you too.
It is like biting the hand that feeds you. We are in for a big shock in this country now! You think we have massive debt problems now? Wait until these Socialist ideas rip this nation to shreds.
When a people or race such as the black population in America, vote for a person simply because of their skin color and someone calls them on it, and tells them that that is the epitome of racism, and they deny it and call YOU a racist, that is a joke, and shame on them.
There is NO EXCUSE for this blatant mis use of power by the woman, Diantha Harris in the above video. She is cruel and ignorant. She should be immediately fired.
If this had happened by a white school teacher brow beating a black child for their "Pullin' for Obama, I guarantee you that person would be fired before the video made you tube!
What really disturbs me is the nagging thought that Diantha was most likely on her best behavior during this video because she knew this was being documented. Makes me wonder what she says when there are no cameras running?!
Oh, and where is the American Civil Liberties Union now? They should be calling for this woman's head. Protecting the rights of the children and their parents in this school classroom. Where are they?
This is actually Fascism at it's highest level. This could even be considered a hate crime.
When a group of supposedly intelligent men and woman, spout ideas about global warming and refuse to discuss the truths or lack of truths of their findings, shame on them as they make millions from their lies and inaccuracies!
These are the same people that insist on teaching the youth of America the LIE of evolution as a fact. When we teach the LIE of evolution, and kill unborn children, and people euthanize themselves because we no longer value human life, because it is taught to us that we evolved, and are no better than that tree over there, I call them lairs and thieves of the truth. Of course they will call me many names to keep from discussing the truth. Like the homosexuals who have banded together to make a voting sect. You disagree with them and you are unenlightened, a bigot, a homophobe! HA! They are liars! They call you names so you have to defend yourself against their slander, this is a ploy to keep from discussing the issue of their homosexual, deviant behaviour.
Like the fool that smokes cigarettes. Always making some excuse or other why he smokes. The reality is that there is not one good reason to smoke. "But I enjoy it they cry, who are you to deny me my pleasure!?" As they slowly rob from themselves of their own health and prosperity.
No one wants to deny you your pleasure. The problem arises when you decide to force your ideas of pleasure onto everyone else in society as a normal behaviour.
Then you decide you should be allowed to celebrate it as normal and make society teach your abnormal lusts as normal. Not only that, but when your abnormal, sinful desire causes your death, such as the case of aids for the homosexual, or lung cancer as the case for the chronic smoker, you want everyone else to pay for your self induced problems.
If you counsel with a fool, you will be a fool!
Hitler brain washed the youth of Germany and we are doing the same thing.
Our wonderful youth are being indoctrinated by the left leaning school system that is ALWAYS asking for more money so they can hand out condoms to our children behind the parents back.
I find it ironically comical as I watch this unfold. These leftist liberals always screaming out about free speech when they want to hold marches in the nude, or have their "Gay Pride" parade. But if you speak out with your own free speech against them, woe unto you, you unenlightened bigot, homophobe, war monger. You,you Christian! What is wrong with you? What right do you have to tell us we are an abomination?
What's the matter with you? What is the matter with you? That is their relentless cry! That something is wrong with you! HAHA.(It's not funny!) FOOLS! The whole lot of them!


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