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Wednesday, November 05, 2008



I have been wanting to do a Silver Sceptre magic effect ever since watching A magician from England, Terry Herbert perform it!
It is a comedy effect that is great for children and some adults too, those adults that still have an inner child residing within them!
Anyway, after purchasing the apparatus, I soon realized that the magic wands (Silver Sceptre) Bag or pouch is made of a flimsy vinyl material. During the last part of the effect the wand must be in the bag, and then the bag shoots off of the wand creating much laughter.
Well, the problem I have been experiencing is that the bag rips or tears at the join and thus rendering the bag useless.
A magical friend of mine, Gary Smith is also a worker in leather. He loved the effect too after watching Terry Herbert perform it and decided that he wanted to see me perform it so he made this wonderful pouch for my silver sceptre!
It is beautiful!
A one of a kind article that will really enhance the splendor of the magical effect!
I cannot wait to get started on the routine!
Thanks Gary, you ROCK!


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