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Saturday, October 18, 2008


I know it's been a week since my last post, lazy I guess... enjoying the loooong break from work because I am on strike at Boeing... as you , my faithful 3 1/2 know, I did not vote to go on strike. I do not agree with our union on it's stance to support all democrats. I lean to the right more, and the left leaning union is not for me, they call themselves a non partisan political league, but they are anything but. They are definitely pro democrats. Which in today's lingo means... Marxist and socialist. Not American.
O.k. Last Saturday I did a gig at another Senior center in West Seattle called Daystar. It was a 2 1/2 hour walk around gig. I enjoyed and the people loved me and the magic!
I did some coin work. Things like coins across, Cross of India, the Gallo pitch.
I mostly did some card work along with the crazy man's hand cuffs and the hot rod.
Wednesday I went golfing at NewCasle. This is an upscale golf course but we got on for free. They have two courses at NewCastle, we played them both! I shot a 90 on one course and an 86 on the other! We had nice weather and a ton of fun!
We have been enjoying the baseball playoffs too. Our eldest son Ryan came home for a couple of days and it was nice having him around.
Today I had a gig for a child's first birthday party! It was some friends from church and I think they wanted to help me and my family out while I am on strike.Don't get me wrong, they love magic and I did a full show for them. They recently enjoyed their seventh wedding anniversary in August, so I performed Anniversary Waltz for them! I love this effect where two people sign different cards and they become one, just like two people who never knew each other get married and become one! I included some new material I have been working on for younger audiences. It was all good! Produced a cake
from a dove pan! Had some fun with balloons and the children were very good and laughing with me!


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glad you had as much fun as we did!

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