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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wow. Too Much Fun

We held a session last night at our home.
Gary arrived first and we discussed some things like tables and a little about "moving the moment." I hadn't realized that I had "moved the moment" in one of my effects until after explaining somethings about what I had changed. Gary quoted Dai Vernon to me. It was very illuminating to me to have it spelled out to me that that is what I had done! This shows me that I am growing magically. Pretty cool!
Gary and I began working on some ring and string magic. The more I get to know Gary, the more impressed I am with his large amount of magical knowledge and ability.
We hadn't planned on working on rings and strings but what he was doing was so very impressive that I suggested that he share it with Leslie and Jose when they arrived.
When they did arrive, Leslie presented me with a gift! A nice hand painted water color from his many travels.This is an actual place he has been to and painted the scene. Wow! Really wonderful!
I had three magic tables out in the living room. We discussed some things about them as well. I had them out because I was comparing the height of each and how it could affect performing!
I asked Gary to share his ring & string routine with the others. It was nice, my wife walked in and he performed his routine for her. She was amazed by it. So we got down to the reason for being there. The practice of magic!
Leslie wanted to get some video footage so he videod some. Garys' ring & string and then he asked me to perform and explain Bizarre Twist, which I did. Later we each performed during a "round robin." Jose performed Derek Dingle's "OutFlushed." I performed John Mendoza's "Routined Poker Mental."
Leslie performed a four card effect with a spectator choosing a card, a reversal of a card and it matches the selected card and more....
Then Gary took over!
He performed Two Card Monte in Leslie's hand. A very nice effect. My daughter came upstairs to tell me "good night." So, Gary asked her if she would enjoy a trick. He performed Two Card Monte flawlessly for her. He got a nice strong reaction from her, Sweet dreams!
We worked on the mechanics of Two Card Monte for awhile and Gary had to go because he has a job! Soon after Leslie and Jose left too.
I stayed up and got out a DVD and watched Laurence Miller perform and teach Two Card Monte. I also watched much more. Laurence is a local magician and his DVD Illustrators is top notch. I'm going to get back into viewing it and learning from it!
Of course after about an hour of watching that it was almost bed time, naturally I had to get some ice cream and eat a couple apples... so I decided to read for a little while. Book of choice? Dariel Fitzkee's book "Showmanship For Magician's."Good night!


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