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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Magic Kastle in Magnolia!

I was hired by a married couple to perform for their mutual 50th birthday party last Saturday night.
I found my way to Magnolia. I was told to look for the home that resembles a castle. Wow! Nice place. I arrived about 6:20 for a 6:30 time. The walk around I was to do started at 7pm. The place was a large home with an upstairs and down stairs area. People were everywhere.
I began my walk around magic with some ladies in the dining room. Wowed them with some great card magic and left them scratching their heads.
Performed about an hour of relaxed walk around magic, Hot Rod, Card on Ceiling, Marked for life... When I could use a table I enjoyed sharing Sympathetic cards and Zingone's 12 card mental problem. While standing, I shared the Biddle trick and Marked for life. All in all a good time!
About 8:15 everyone was invited to come into the large dining room and enjoy the parlor show.
Immediately I had two hecklers. One was from France. I had spoken with him earlier during the evening, he has been in America for eight years. He decided to try to take center stage as soon as I was announced. He just walks up and starts handling my props. Weird. I blew him away with some french. I took 3 years in High school, it was funny... after I spoke with him in French, (I think he was a little taken aback) I then bid him Au Revoir.(Good bye in French) This got a very nice laugh and he quit bothering me.
The other guy was just plain rude, later he told me "that every show needs a guy like him, right?" Yeah right! A thief is how I view people like that.
He showed himself to be an ass, he actually took care of himself when he found out he wasn't funny.
Had some great moments with everything I did. Chinese Sticks received some nice gasps as did the Acrobatic Knot. Cut and restored rope with the Professors Nightmare ending was really fun, the Negative spectator attempting to be funny was really trying during the ropes. Saying stuff like "hey, we need to measure the rope before you start, how long is it? is that a real rope" A real learning experience for me! Dealing with real people in real time. Later he told me "that every show needs a guy like him, right?" Yeah right! A thief is how I view people like that.
It was a crowd of all adults, so I had a hard time getting people to come up and join me at first, finally a gentleman came forward and we performed Lassoing a card to much amazement. I followed that up with Gazzo's Floating card amid much laughter!
I think this was a nice turning point in the show.
Laughter is amazing!
After this the Vanishing Bandanna kept them in high spirits(or maybe it was the consumption of alcohol)and followed that with the Egg Bag. I love the Egg Bag, but usually like to have a child help with it. No children available, so I chose a woman that was laughing at me when I "supposedly" put the egg under my arm. She was great. Her shocked attitude played wonderful when she discovered the egg in the bag after two failed attempts.
I changed pace just before the cups and balls finale with a nice Anniversary Waltz routine. This I performed for the Host's, Joe and Sylvia. It was a nice, touching effect! Left them almost speechless when their two signed cards became one. Someone in the audience audibly exclaimed, "Ohhh..."
I finished with my signature effect, the cups and balls. People were seated about three to five feet in front of my table. Didn't matter! This is an awesome effect. When the oranges started appearing at the end, the room erupted in spontaneous cheering. Nice!
I had to stop them momentarily to reveal the Spaghetti Squash from beneath the hat. This led to more cheering and applause!
What a great time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, cool house

Sounds like a great gig

10:36 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Yep! We had a good time!

3:37 PM  

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