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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Andy Williams Christmas

Haven't felt like posting lately...
Dunno why?
Last Monday I golfed at Elk Run with my friend Mike, the fog was thick.
We had a good time, I shot an 82 on a course that is a par 71. I stunk up the front nine with a 46, two bad holes did me in... but miracle of miracles, I lit up the back nine with a 36, two birdies helped. I have never broke 80. Almost did this day and didn't even know it!
What I liked most was that I shot the 82 legitimately, no foot wedges! No Tiger rule invocations and no use of the leaf rule! Ha!Haven't had any magical gigs of late, kind of bummed not performing. I am kind of lazy, not getting after it when I got on a nice roll during our Boeing strike!
I have been reading volume 1 of Card college and watching some magic dvd's.
Just keep polishing baby! Someday you'll look in the mirror and be good!

Recently on PBS they aired a program about Andy Williams and his Christmas shows. What a great time watching that! Brought back some great memories.They wanted 60 bucks donation and you get a cd for that. I went on line and bought the dvd for twenty!

His Christmas show ran from 1962 to 1971, and then for a few years more!
They were always a treat to enjoy and were somewhat spontaneous events on the set.
It got me in the mood to enjoy Christmas this year! My wife decorated some plants in the front yard and things are looking bright!
I remember the Osmond brothers were on the show often. He also reunited with his brothers every year too!
Picked out a tree last night, also picked up a nice futon for under Katies bed. Now she can have her friends spend the night and they don't have to sleep on the floor!

Eric is in Iraq. We haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks. He is out on a mission.
We pray for him all the time.

Ryan got a call from a church in Denver, they want him to send a resume for their Campus Ministry Leader.
That is pretty exciting!


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