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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We had a great time Monday night at the home of Julie (Beep Beep)Terry!

Good food, good people, good singing! Good clowning, and good magic!

Sean Melicher regaled us all with a song in solo! Wow! What guts that takes, a lesson for us all!

Donald Cormier did a side splitting reading from, well I'm not sure, but I would think it was Red Skelton! Well done!

Tim Flynn performed a couple of nice, baffling magical rope effects. You shoulda seen the look on your face!

O.k. so you weren't there, well bad on you! :) We missed you and you missed out!
Please, don't let it happen again!

We had a fun gift exchange too!
The party broke up around 9pm with a few hangers on til about 9:30.

I gotta admit, I really enjoy performing!
It's been two weeks since I last performed magic and just doing two effects at the Bigfoot alley meeting was great!
I often wonder why this is... I mean, think about it. In school, getting up in front of your classmates to give a report was a day of dread, sweating bullets, knowing that sometime during the day, your time would come... yet here I am, wanting to entertain people. Getting a "high" from it once it is over, and often during too, when you mesh with your audience, there is a high that happens. A wonderful give and take of feelings and emotions.
Maybe it is the praise afterward from someone that says, "I really enjoyed your magic, or someone might say that was really good, or you're really good at magic."
I really can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the joy you can bring to others and thereby, joy to yourself?
I performed the cut and restored rope and lassoing a card the other night. The looks of astonishment, the mouth in a big "0" and the quizzical looks on people's faces is pretty cool.
But it never seems to be enough. I know all magicians are looking for that "one" effect that blows them away! And yet, the stuff already in my repertoire, blows 'em away! And since every audience is "new" why not be satisfied with the "six" tricks I can do really well???
What? What is it? Something elusive, just out of reach?


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