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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Snow!

Yeah Baby!
haven't seen snow like this in years!
It's a blast right now. All fresh and pretty!
Thick and deep!
The Seahawks beat the Jets today in Seattle, in the snow. That was fun to watch, beating Brett Farve and the New York Jets!
Driving the Tahoe in 4 wheel drive. Gets around great!
Saturday we drove to our friends Dale and Jean's and enjoyed some Christmas cheer! Great food and entertainment! I was the entertainment! Many of the folks have seen my act, but there were several new people to perform for!
It was great to see smiles, and laughter, and hear clapping!
Our daughter enjoyed the show in a different manner. I spoke with her afterward, assuming she would have been bored to tears... but she told me she enjoyed knowing what was coming, and watching the reactions people were having!
I hadn't planned on doing my platform show, Dale and I hadn't discussed it, but I came prepared anyway. A woman at the party asked if I would do some magic after dinner, well I don't need much prompting!
The children went sledding for bit, so I did some walk around card magic for everyone first. It was a nice way to ease into the "big" stuff, as they called it.
I started the set with the Biddle trick and promptly culled the wrong card but got lucky and announced the right card when I actually wanted to miss. So, I repeated the trick for the woman's husband, hey, they had no idea what was coming so I freaked them out with his selection vanishing and reappearing in his deck. It wowed em! Went into the Tricky Wallet routine. I don't do this very often because you need three spectators, so it was a treat for me, and this floored them too! Just for fun I performed one of my favorites, Marked for life! Nailed it, and then I ended the set with Sympathetic cards. When the backs were all different colors, there was actual shock!
That's magic!
Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas holiday! These are the most exciting times since the dawn of creation but does that mean we should stop doing what we love to do?

Not me!

The world needs what magic can give: Wonder, amazement, astonishment, hope and a growing awareness of limitless possibilities all around us.

It's like this: If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Let's go make some magic!


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