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Friday, December 12, 2008

Joshua Jay Lecture

Wednesday night at the Round Table Pizza in Federal Way.
Joshua Jay, renowned magician and all around good guy, age 27 and single...
Gave a wonderful magic lecture to about 40 of us.
Pizza was served along with soft drinks!
Joshua started out simply performing some great card tricks for everyone, kind of a warm up he called it!
Warm up he did! If by warm one means, FRIED! Haha!
I was surprised to notice that three of the effects are in my repertoire!
He just does them a little different!
Anniversary Waltz by Doc Eason, Among the Discards by Simon Aronson and another cool effect that is supposedly "self working" but uses a special deck!
He has nice touches and fluid "patter" for each effect!
He is a smooth operator!
Joshua shared with us several wonderful effects using cards, coins, and... more coins!
A fantastic, smooth effect using three Chinese coins threaded onto a ribbon, one by one he removed them magically from the ribbon, the last one he re threaded onto the ribbon by tossing the coin into the air and catching it on the ribbon. Fantastic!
Seattle is the last stop on his book tour. That's right, 27 years old and already signing autographs in his own book. I purchased one of his books and am already half way thru it! It is a beautifully designed and illustrated manuscript on... you guessed it, Magic! The book comes complete with an instructional dvd. All for $25!
That is too low of a price!
Color photographs, yes, color, not line drawings! I am proud to own this book!

After the lecture, several of us spent some time at Denny's with Mr. Jay. I was hoping to "session" with him as I'm sure several of the guys were, but it didn't happen that way. It was comical to me, but we talked a bit about politics! (I didn't start it!) I guess when you live, eat and breath magic for instance, you don't always want to talk about it!
I think the evening was a great positive for everyone in attendance!

Geesh, the guy must be 6'2". I wonder if he plays hoops! :)


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