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Monday, February 09, 2009

On Fire!!!

Torch of Dreams was Saturday past...
Sterling Dietz, Wonder boy of magic, actually more apt would be to call him a young man now as he is 17 and graduating from High School this year.
Sterling and company performed their Torch of Dreams tour stop in Renton Washington at the Renton High school Ikea Performing Arts center! Two shows, I took them both in! It was a great show featuring the Brothers From Different Mothers and the Magic of Sterling. Oh there was much more, the Foster High school dance team and some wonderful video too!
The show lasted nearly two and a half hours with a short ten minute intermission.
Earlier last month I was given two hundred tickets to sell. I think I sold nearly 80. I know it was at least 76, but alas, my memory fails me!
Four of the people I sold tickets to got invited up on stage...
I don't know if that's a good thing or not!
It was the first time I've been back to my Alma mater in 30 years! Of course the theater has been totally remodeled, I wouldn't remember it anyway, it wasn't one of my normal haunts back then.
I have watched Sterling now for about two years and it is great to see the growth as far as stage presence. He has always been relaxed in front of people performing, but now he is growing into his magic. It is suiting him more and more! He was on Fire!
I received this email from a friend of mine that attended the benefit concert:

Man , Oh Man, Oh man! The show was Fantastic!!!

We really enjoyed it. Merissa was looking forward to a rabbit coming out of a hat. I wasn't sure if that would happen so I told her to pay close attention. She fell asleep 20 minutes into the performances but woke up seconds before the bird appeared. She was so excited. I'm so glad you encouraged us to go. I haven't laughed so hard with my son in 10 years. It was a bonding I have waited for, for years. I thank you.

Your Friend, Karen

P.S. Did I mention, the show was Fantastic??

Another friend of mine told me he laughed so much his head hurt!
It was great day and everyone had a wonderful time!


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