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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Couldn't Wait

For better weather, it's just like that sometimes around here...
Growing up in the Pacific North Wet, you just gotta learn to deal with it!
If you've lived here for any amount of time you know I am talking about the wet weather, yes, the rain!
We have had lots of water coming down from the heavens in various forms this winter season. Snow, snow and more snow. More snow than I've ever seen here. I enjoyed it!
But then the rains came with warming temperatures. Flooding began, rivers overflowing their banks and making a complete mess of things. I laugh at us puny humans trying to contain and control these wonderful waterways. We try by strange methods, Cutting down mass amounts of trees to build homes and erect great expanses of concrete and asphalt parking lots at gigantic stores. Where do we erect these great buildings of commerce? In the hilly areas? No, we put them in the old flood plains that were once designated as refuge sanctuaries, that is until our elected officials decided to change the rules (In mid stream!)to get more tax revenue.
Anyway, I digress, what I enjoyed was golfing yesterday! Yep, got out and flogged the balls around.
Mike and I ended up playing at Auburn because it was about 29 degrees at Druidsglen and they hadn't "tarped" the greens. The last couple of years the management at Druidsglen has been having the grounds crew cover the greens with tarps in the evenings, that way, the next morning, they could remove the tarps and the greens would be playable. Guess they thought the "worm had turned" and the weather would stay warm.
Regardless, Druidsglen was unplayable so we drove to Auburn... Hahaha...
It was underwater!
Well, not all of it, but it was an interesting sight!
I had a blast sloggy my way thru mud and muck. Truly, the water changed the course. It was pretty magnificent to see. Coulda used a row boat to take us to our tee shots on hole #7.
Mike had a great round in the 70's. I shot about an 83, parring the last five holes. My putter was awesome, the rooster tails were splendid!
I gotta learn to bring my camera. It was too cool!


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