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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Positive Feedback

We all need it, positive feedback that is...
I have been wondering about the magic I performed last Friday for the 11 year old b-day party.
I felt like I didn't make a connection with the audience.
Last night and tonight I spoke with two adults that were at the party. They both gave me positive affirmation of the event!
One fella told me that two days later they were still talking about many of the effects I did, bewildered by them. Especially the trick with the red and white rope! (Acrobatic Knot's)
I spoke with the father of the boy tonight, he said, "Timmy, you wouldn't believe it, Jeremy is reading the book(Joshua Jay's Magic, The complete course) and has cleaned a whole area of his room with cards and coins all over and is practicing the coin roll!"
I guess one could say that is positive affirmation!
Still no pictures from the party.


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