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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Curioser and Curioser

Sometimes it is just being made humble.
I did a birthday party magic show last night for someone I work with, yes it was a paid gig.
I practiced my effects for several days, neglecting to work on the Vanishing Bandanna as it is a very simple effect.
Well, that is the one I messed up!
It is a simple comedy routine and it was comical!
I'm pretty sure they didn't know I messed up, but to me, it was very frustrating. You can nail all your effects but one and that is the one that you will think about the most, aren't people funny that way!?
I used to play a lot of sports, I could go three four four in baseball and play stellar, but also make an error at shortstop, and that is what I will think about all night long. I guess that's the way people improve?
I struggled to make a connection with the kids, there were about seven or eight children, all boys except one girl.
Later I got to thinking about it, it was a good show, but I think the boys are at an age where they can't show their emotions in front of each other. Like, hey, you're not going to fool me. Funny, but their facial expressions tell the truth. They were fooled and paying attention!
Funny how simple things are admired, like a ribbon spread on the table, and then making the ribbon flow like a wave back and forth, or a simple fan of the cards and closing the fan one handed. A reverse fan showing a deck of blank cards.
The round "O" of the mouth when a wand penetrates a metal cup.
You never know what is going to be someones hot button when it comes to magic!
As an aspiring magician, I need to be aware of the affect some of the "simple" things in magic that a non magician finds fascinating. When one becomes fluent in something it is easy to forget how magical some things can look.
I think it important to acknowledge comments when they are made. Sometimes I am so "busy" setting up for a "move" or the next phase of an effect, that I don't "hear" a spectator's comment. I hear it, but glide right over it. This is somewhat disrespectful to them and doesn't endear them to you. We need to learn to pause and say something to them. Pausing is important in magic as in life. In music, without pauses, all you have is noise. The same can be said about magic, slow down, enjoy the moment, PAUSE and let the MAGIC register with your audience!
Last Tuesday I enjoyed some time at our Bigfoot Clown Alley meeting. A friend of mine, Leslie Thyagarajan was invited to perform his brand of magic and to teach some as well.
Leslie was well received. It did my heart good to have him come and enjoy the evening!
He rocked the house!


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