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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golfing around

Wednesday afternoon Mike and I golfed Druidsglen. Nice hot day.
I still got the ugly hooker thing goin' on. I even decided to aim down the right side and still... I shot another 95. That's what happens when you have trouble finding the fairway! It's called a fairway for a reason, lol...
Both Mike and I birdied the 15th hole, Mike sunk a great long winding put of about 60 feet and I sunk a little side hill slider of four feet. All the pressure was on me as he sank his snake before mine.
All day Mike was blasting his driver up the gut, we get to the 18th hole and he is all worried about landing his drive in the water, I talked him into blasting it up the gut, that's exactly what he did to, leaving himself about 220 uphill to the pin. Of course I figured I'd have some "draw" to my drive, so I naturally aimed down the right side, and Naturally I get no draw... lost ball. Teed up another and poked it down by Mikes ball. I hit a three wood onto the fringe of the green and two putted for a tainted birdie six!
Had a great time.


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