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Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation/Birthday Party

Sunday we got up and attended worship services at Nextstep Fellowship in Kent. Great sermon and a good worship.
Hurried home to begin preparing for a bout 17 guests and family.
Ryan's future in laws and several of his friends were coming to visit and enjoy a BBQ!
We met Miyoko's parents and grand parents as they arrived. Very nice, pleasant people. Easy going and that made it nice to relax and "let our hair down" with them.
I think we were a little nervous to meet them. Maybe they were too?
Since there were so many other people together it might have made it easier, we weren't in each others face the whole time. Or maybe they are just great and loving people.
That's probably it.
We enjoyed good weather and great food. Lot's of laughter and smiles, some inside stories about Ryan and Miyoko too.
Ryan has a friend who purchased my magical services last December at an auction at his church. He just got married and has a nine year old daughter. They moved to China because his work takes him there, but they are in the Seattle area for two weeks and were invited over to the party. Ryan suggested it would be a good time to make good on his auction purchase... I agreed, and about 8pm or so I put on a wonderful magic show for everyone. Lot's of laughter, ooh's and ahh's, and fun humor and good feelings!
Like my friend Tom Frank says, making people smile!
I am often worried about performing in my own home, kind of like tootin' my own horn, or "look what I can do."
But when children, and the child in adults begins to loosen up and have a great time, it becomes so much more. It becomes about making lasting memories for others.
Not many people have actually seen magic close up or in their own hands.
Magic done well, with audience participation and when an entertainer can get past the magic and actually entertain, that is when artistry in magic is created. When that moment happens, lasting memories are made that others will cherish, and remember with a smile in their hearts for the rest of their lives!
That's Awesome!
To hear a child giggle with delight as Destiny did while helping me with the egg bag routine is priceless.
Sometimes, it is I who am totally uplifted.
What a wonderful thing this magic can be!


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