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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sometimes... I'm Awesome!

Had a show this afternoon at Silvercreek retirement and assisted Living. A senior center in Puyallup.
The people there treated me great!
I have a magician friend whom I spoke with about the gig recently and I invited him to come watch me perform. He was busy and had this to say, "I have done my share of retirement homes.... don't care too much for those, they usually don't get the joke till after the show(LOL)....."
I have a blast working for those people, they are always respectful, most of them get the jokes and they love the attention, so you get this really great love affair going back and forth.
Maybe they are just attention starved, and that makes them very receptive to magic or anyone paying them attention. But the people that work at these places always tell me how great I was and we want to have you back etc...
Anyway, I had a great time, put some smiles on some faces, enjoyed some laughter and made a few bucks to boot!


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