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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Countin' Em

My blessings that is!
I couldn't sleep today, got up around quarter to 12 in the morning, early afternoon. Wide awake, been reading a great book called "Maximum Entertainment" by Ken Weber!
Wow! Oh MY!
Got me thinking about my magic, where I'm going with, how to make it better, greater..
But the coolest part about waking up early was the phone call...
Had I not been outta bed, I would have missed it. Joan was out of the house returning things, shopping, running errands, the phone would have rung four times and we would have gotten a message, maybe...
I was already on the phone talking with my friend Jose about the Maximum Entertainment book when the beep came over the phone signaling that I had another call, I asked Jose to stay on the line, (he didn't) because I had another call, he said, "no problem."
The call was from the woman that Katie baby sits for, her name is Lisa, she wanted to tyell me that Katie and her four year old daughter were dropped off at the lake. (We live next to Pipe lake)but more importantly she wanted to tell us how great Katie is! How that even if she didn't need a baby sitter, that she would want Katie in her daughters life. She said that when her daughter grows up, she hopes she will be a young lady like Katie. Lisa mentioned that Joan and I must be doing great things and that Katie is proof of that!
What did I say? I said, yep, She's awesome!
Lisa went on to say something about being able to learn from Joan and my example on parenting.
I asked Lisa if she wouldn't mind writing that all down and sending it in an email so we could share it with Katie. She thought that a great idea!
So here I was, kinda bummed about not being able to sleep, and this wonderful thing happens in my life!


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