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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Suffer the little children...

That's how it is sometimes... when you perform for children, it is like you are suffering, hahaha.. the saying means to allow them to come into His presence,
I did a show yesterday, with little or no sleep. I did a great show ans had plenty of energy too, my speaker system and microphone were all working and I was hitting my spots!
I showed up early to prepare and was ready for anything, or so I thought! haha...
The city of Fife allows my clown alley to use one of their buildings for our monthly meetings, no charge, so our alley gives back by doing things for their summer camp program which is every Tuesday during the summer. Probably just a baby sitting program for working mom's instead of day care...
My contact person didn't know what she wanted me to do, either walk around magic or a stage show. So I came prepared to go either way!
She decided on the stage show. I was glad for this because that is easier in this type situation, at least for me.
I set up and was glad I have been a student of the craft, bringing extra material. I noticed right away that my yellow rope I like to use for the cut and restored rope routine was not available, this means that I cannot do the next effect because the one segues into the other... now I'm thinking what to put in their places, this is about 10-15 minutes of my show, but low and behold, in my doctors bag I had two rolled up lengths of yellow rope nicely placed into zip lock bags, and so... I was prepared after all! Sweet!
I am learning that there are just some effects that I have to eliminate from the show for children. The linking rings I do is one of them. I don't know if it is the patter that I use or the ring routine itself, but either way, I think it will be for more mature audiences.
Other than that, the show went really well.
Them kids are a very curious lot.
They all want an orange when I'm done. Then they find out they're fake oranges. Ha.
The young girls are better behaved than the boys and just as precious as you can imagine.
Boys will be boys... if we just let them!
Great time.


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