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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boeing Medical

This morning I was required to take a physical at Boeing Medical. Sort of...
It's not a true physical because they do not draw blood nor must I fast beforehand for 12 hours.
It's more like a test to see if you are still qualified to do the work you are hired to do.
Since my job requires me to drive a mobile craneat times... they figure I should be fit enough to do it.
They test my hearing, my eyes, and motor skills. I had walk on my toes, my heels, and with my feet end to end. Touch my toes, bark like a dog, and pant like I liked it!
They asked me questions about my parents and how they died. The lady asking the questions is really out of shape. I felt like this was an intrusion.
I find it ironic that a fat, over weight person tried to give me advice on being, and staying healthy. Guess if you read it in a book, it gives you the right too?!
This is the same thing that has happened throughout Boeing. They hire managers that are book learned out of college, and then they become your boss. Having never done your job, when you go to them with a challenge, they haven't a clue. Or worse, they try to change the way you operate because they think it is better, not fully understanding all the things it takes, and the ramifications of your work, the whys and wherefores of how come you do things this way, and in this order!
Then you show them or tell them, and they are offended.
It was tough to sit and listen to a woman tell me this and that about my health, when she herself is in sad physical shape. Kind of like Doctor Spock writing a book on child rearing while never actually rearing any himself... Haha..


Blogger Gerry said...

Hi Tim,
That's just about how much I like having to take the drug tests out here on the flightline.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

I hear ya!
The problem isn't so much that they want us to have a physical, if that be so, then give us a real physical. Blood tests and the works. But this was more to see if you are fit for your work, like they are looking for ways to get rid of people.

4:47 PM  

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