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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just some thoughts about something I don't like.
We live in America, and yes we as a nation have made some terrible mistakes in the 230 years we have been a nation.
But I always learned that two wrongs don't make a right.
Like the slavery institution that we had in this country. And of course the way we conquered this country in regards the Native Americans, I almost said Indians, but...
How long are we as a nation going to live there.
Are you an American, or a hyphenated American?
Seems to me that we as a nation, and people as a people hold themselves back when they label themselves as such.
We try to get over racism, but the very people that think they are hurt by it, are the ones who perpetrate and perpetuate it the most, and keep themselves in bondage to it.
Another thing is in Hawaii. There is this thing known as Kamaaina, (Pronounced coma ina).
If you live in Hawaii, you get something called Kamaaina rates on expensive items, like a round of golf.
At Kapalua for example, the rate for a non resident is about $295.00. However, if you are a resident, it is only $85.00... Talk about legalized discrimination! Wow!
The thinking is that the locals need a better rate and the tourists can afford it. To me this is backwards thinking. And it is also discrimination pure and simple.
Because the rates are so high, I won't golf there very often, also, I won't be spending money in their pro shop for shirts or golf balls. I won't be spending time in the 19th hole on any of their fine restaurant food, or alcoholic beverages.
If they lowered the rates for non residents, they would attract more golfers who would have more money to spend on the other things golf. I mean, 100 X 0 golfers, is still 0!


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