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Friday, December 04, 2009

The Hideout

Tom and Nash arrived just after 5 pm at our home. Katie and her friend Amanda were very excited to meet Tom. A "real" magician! haha..
Katie had a fun rubber band puzzle for Tom and Nash, not a trick really, more of a brain teaser... We had fun for the couple of hours they were over. We played some basketball on our sport court out back, man it was really cold! Nash and i had sort of an old standing bet, or score to settle on the b-ball court... seems about four or five years ago... Nash was a HUGE sonics fan and well... he kind of spouted off to me about whoopin' me at basket ball... I asked him if he wanted to play for fifty bucks?! This raised some eyebrows in the room at the time... Steve Ameden, Tom Frank and some others were there... looking at me, this old man of about 45 or 46 and the young guy of 23... Nash is about five foot five... I'm 5 foot eleven. I have been playing basketball longer than Nash has been breathing... I've played in mens leagues for years, often was the leading scorer on those teams..
I know what I know...
Well, it was cold out... I asked Nash what he wanted to play to... He said, "five." I said how bout eleven... we compromised on six...
The score was six to two...
actually we played a bit longer and the score soon became 8 to two...
But I must say, I had home court advantage!
Yes it was 8 to 2 in my favor... was there ever any doubt! Whhoowahh!
Nash is a gracious young man, he is also the inventor of a killer magic effect called Color Fusion, he autographed a dvd of his effect for me... I Love the inscription!
like that's going to help him...

I BBQ'd hamburgers and we ate, and then left to go to Brian Masters... we picked him up and drove to Seattle, going out dancing at the "Hideout."
The Hideout is basically a hole in the wall. A small bar with not much room, I am glad smoking isn't allowed in bars any longer, well, I do have some political thoughts on that... but I'll save that for another time!
We met up with several people from Tom's past when he lived here in Seattle, a dancing instructor and a dancing partner... it was a fun night out.
Magic and music! The band was literally on fire!
Some old magic friends, we closed the place down, I took the night off work to enjoy some friendship time, Becky and Tom couldn't wait to get started, they were dancing on the side walk. Brian and Nash, well they wanted to session all night long. After the band left, the place cleared out pretty good, giving us magicians some "quit" time to session on our own.
It was a good round robin affair!


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