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Monday, December 07, 2009

Ferry Boat Ride...

Saturday I found myself hooking up with a clown friend of mine... Glitterbug!
I met her at the Auburn Denny's and she was gracious enough to giv eme a lift to Seattle as we had an appointment on one of Seattles Ferry boats for a special event! Performing and entertaining for some "special" people!
Susan ans I were the first of hundreds to arrive, we found our way onto the boat. But before that, I did some impromptu magic for some of the ferry boat workers, I perfomed the Jumping Gems for them and they loved it... smiles all around! Now that's a good start to the day!
We spent about four hours aboard the ferry boat performing for handicapped people and non hadicapped alike. The cut and restored rope received rave revues, people asking me to "do that again" for their friends and family members.
It was a good event and well attended by many clowns, and a live band. Our alley had perhaps six clowns helping out, all volunteering their time, Rainshine, Violet, Glitterbug, Peaches, Pennie, and Jan Gee...
It was kind of chilly on the boat, glad we were inside!


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