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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Tuesday was our first Clown Alley meeting of 2010...
We had a good time. lot's of fun and laughter.
Kris Desimone started things of with a nice teaching of two of her favorite, quicky face paintings, a Polar bear, and a Penguin, These are nice, quick, "easy" to do face paintings. Not too elaborate and a nice beginner painting!
Melon-E brought a bag full of hats, I passed them out randomly to everyone. Hats of all different kinds, big hats, small hats, colorful hats... each person had to get up and say something in character of the hat they got. It was an opportunity to speak in front of others, also to do a little improv. Everyone had fun with it. Then we put all the hats on the floor and if you chose too, you could pick a hat and do some improv.
After that, Melon-E shared with us her birthday party show. Melon-E has lots of fun and great ideas, Wetting your whistle, Do Nothing, a belt trick? A flashlight as a dead battery holder? Hmm, guess you had to be there!
I think the most fun was when she taught everyone how to pull a table cloth out from under some dishes... Not everyone did it very well... But it was fun!

We also had the pleasure of a new clown "presenting" at this meeting. That means they come dressed in clown, and show themselves off, so to speak. It is an opportunity for some soft critique on their presence, their costume etc. The only thing that was mentioned in a negative light was the lack of more pockets on "Snookie's" outfit. What a colorful Clown!


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