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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bigfoot Clown Alley

Last night, March 9 2010 was our monthly Clown alley meeting! I have been enjoying these meetings for over two years now...
I have been asked repeatedly why I am a member of a clown alley, seeing as how I am a magician?
Well, it's all about entertainment, isn't it!?
Learning and growing in the arts is really all it's about. Giving and taking. Sharing and receiving.
Last nights meeting was an "All Magic" meeting. From 6:30 P.M. to 8:15 we did nothing but teach and learn magic.
Three of us taught. We set up areas and the members travelled from one area to the next, about a half hour in each area.
I taught the sponge vegetables effect.

Another member taught the Professors Nightmare,and still another member taught some miracles with silks.

Everyone had a great time!
After the teaching portion of the evening, several membeers got up in front of the group and performed what they had learned. This is actually where the rubber meets the road. This is getting in the arena and really expanding your horizons. I was and am proud of these people.
They come from all walks of life too.
Why am I here in this alley? Maybe I just enjoy being with happy, smiling people! People like myself who wish to learn and to give joy to others in the world! :)
Our alley does several charitable events every year. Too many to list because I cannot remember them all.
People are hungry to learn, giving of their time and talents, why wouldn't I want to be a part of a crazy, fun, uplifting group like this!?
This man is a dentist!
Maybe that's why he thoguht to reappear the silk from his mouth?


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