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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Interesting Life....

The weekend started for me early, but wait... not...
Thursday was a rough day for me as I golfed Wednesday morning at Riverbend in Kent, shot an 88, had a great time, hit some great shots, towering drives and a snake putt or two, hit some not so great shots as well, but I slept til 8 pm and I think this caused me to not be able to sleep Thursday morning after work... I got outta bed Thursday around 11 AM and made some grilled cheese sandwiches, went back to bed but was still fighting for sleep. I got up about 4:30 PM because I had to lead a bible study at 6:30, also it was my turn to bring snacks which has actually turned into a full blown meal! My wonderful wife spoiled the guys. Anyway, I went to work Thursday night, and got home about 8:30 AM as I had a dental appt. I stopped on the way home and enjoyed a nice white mocha... Ahh, caffeine! So now what to do with my Friday!?
I decided to put a deck of cards into a bottle... took about two hours and some patience!
My shoulder and back began to stiffen up for lack of sleep. my wife gave me a percocet and knocked me out at about 2:30. I slept on the couch until 8pm, and then crawled into bed and slept til about 8 am Saturday... weird, long runs of no sleep, and then a long run of sleep!
Saturday was a fruitful day. I dug the boat outta the garage and washed it, well, our daughter wanted to wash it, so she did, I washed the car and her car!
I fired up the big motor on the boat to make sure it was sea worthy. My neighbor Andy, the amazing mechanic had worked on my 1978 Mercury kicker motor, seems he does this every year for me as it clogs and wears out from salt water. He said it is as good as when I bought it, but after he told me all the things he did to it... I am wondering!
Had an early BBQ lunch of hamburgers and then got ready for my 8PM gig in the home of a work associate. It was an 18 year birthday celebration for his son Cory!
My wife went with me which was really great, and we had a great time amazing the young ones and a few adults.
I started out a little differently with them as I was planning my full stand up show, but it was such an intimate group I decided to go with a few close up card tricks. This went over well and so I jumped into my show hot and running!
Just before performing the linking rings someone named Dan arrived, I joked about having to start over, but instead broke character and said, we should do another warm up for Dan. I felt that for him, the linking rings would be a tough opener, so I stepped out into the semi circle of spectators and performed Crazy Man's hand cuffs! It was a great choice and I did three phases. Cory's mom was so astonished and exclaimed, "I don't get it," so I had her come up and performed it in her hands! Quite marvelous! :)
I was asked by a magic friend how I would connect with a group of 18 year olds? I replied that just being yourself is the best way, and that is what I do best. I mean if you can't be yourself, how can you be someone else!? They will see right thru that!
We all had a great time. Afterward, the man who hired me took me outside to show me his fishing boat, his 30 year old son joined us and we talked awhile, His son Aaron confided to me that him and Cory were quite skeptical about some guy dad works with coming over to do magic for Cory's 18th birthday, but that you were really good!
I can imagine people wondering what this guy is going to do, and will he be worth it. I always strive to be worth it and more...
It is very important to me to share magic in a magical manner. It will most likely be the peoples first time seeing a magician performing this intimately.
I feel I owe it them as well as all the magicians in the world, past and present to do my best! My best, whatever that is.
I always taught my children, if you give 100%, 100% of the time, then you can look in the mirror with pride and never be ashamed.
I still strongly believe that!
I laughed and told him, that is my secret weapon, being under estimated!
Many years ago when I first started on this magical journey, I wanted to make sure I progressed beyond the "Uncle Bob" doing magic at our family gatherings.
Hard work and persistence has paid off... Oh did I say paid off!? Haha, and they pay me for this too!


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