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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fishing and a wedding....

Last Friday I went fishing at Redondo with my daughter who is getting so grown up... 17 years old, when did that happen!?
We didn't catch any fish, and neither did anyone else it seemed. The fish checker at the parking lot said no one had reported catching a fish. Man that stinks! My neighbor thinks the fish got caught by someone else out in the vast Ocean, Russia, Japan, China? They have no controls on them, but it behooves other countries to limit their catch as the fish need to make it back to their home rivers to spawn. But hey, maybe this isn't what happened..
Sunday my older brother got married. He was married at his home outside and it was a very nice wedding. It was great to see many family members, some old friends, and all that goes with these things.
John asked me to perform my magic show at his wedding. This is the first time I have done my show at a wedding. I think that most people would not have a magician at a wedding. I probably went a little too long, but I think everyone enjoyed the show. I ended with a special effect called Anniversary Waltz. It was a really nice ending to my show, and John's new bride was speechless!
My nephew Lionel had a camera crew taking pictures and filming the event.
I'm hoping to get some great pictures and a nice video of my show. Yes, I know I am selfish. It is hard to get good pictures of yourself performing as I cannot take them myself! lol..
The wedding itself was interesting and my brother John seemed to take it rather seriously. I mentioned this to him, and we both agreed... a marriage is a serious affair!
I am truly happy for him. It looked to me like he is at peace and fulfilled, It looks to me as if his new wife Tamar completes him! that is WAY cool!
I had some interesting and great comments after my show.
Some people told me how professional I have become. That is always GREAT to hear! I feel I have a long way to go. I think what is beginning to happen is that I am getting more relaxed, more shows under the belt and this is allowing me to concentrate on presentation and audience interaction more.
I have read some good articles on Staging, and blocking recently, and... I have a long way to go!
But I am enjoying the journey!


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