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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magic Session at Bruno's

Met up with Rick Anderson, Mark Jensen, and Jose Floresca lat night. Why Bruno's? Because that is the name of Rick's Photography studio where we meet. Rick is what I would term a Master magician, having been involved heavily in magic for about fifty years...
He has awesome insights into magic as well as the proper sleights to perform at an extremely high level of magical competence.
It is often difficult to session with him because he moves so fast paced that I cannot grasp all that he wants to impart.
Jose wanted help with some coin moves and a routine in Rick's Lecture notes. I was happy to see Jose Begin to grasp the inner workings of Rick's teaching. I also enjoyed learning them as well. I say learning them but that is actually incorrect, it will take months and years to actually learn them... Am I willing? Or will I be like so many others that won't put in the time and practice, have the diligence to master the moves!?
Magic can be very frustrating as well as rewarding. It is a craft full of peaks and valleys. Last Saturday I was on a peak as I went to my high school class reunion. I performed walk around close up magic and really had a great time! A valley often follows a peak performance. Also a valley can occur as you begin to work on newer and harder magical sleights. Often times I have regrets about not pursuing this art form earlier in life... but be that as it may, I am where I am!
Like my friend, and mentor Tom Frank often says, I get to bring love and joy to the rest of the world!