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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun fishing but no catch...

Went fishing yesterday with my daughter, we hooked up with a work buddy who loves to fish the North Sound, Puget Sound. I am more familiar with the South Sound but still not that familiar at all. Anyway, I met Steve at the Golden Gardens Boat launch at 4:20 A.M. He was waiting for some people. It was early and very dark, Very nice boat launch with a break water that makes it nice and calm to launch a boat.
Since last Friday I fished with out success, and well, that's not entirely true, I did catch some crab in one of my crab pots... I put two pots out that Friday morning at West Point, but for some reason (Probably because I'm a chowder head) I was only able to find one later when it was time to check them for crab.
So, Katie and I left the dock in the dark and motored over to West point to see if we could find my crab pot after three days of sitting in the water. Since it was a low tide, we thought the chances pretty good if someone hadn't taken it.
As the light began to show on the water, I mentioned to Katie that it was "right about in this area" that I put her down"...
Was but a moment as we squinted, looking left and right when Katie says, "hey, there's a bump over there." Low and behold it was a buoy sitting all alone on top of the water. It was all alone because crabbing is only allowed Wednesday thru Saturday at this time!
Believe it or not it was mine!!! (Insert big smile here!)
Can't believe it!
It had two nice male crab in it that we could keep. Except, it was now Monday and well... we let them go. I was happy to get my pot and rope etc. back.
Off we flew North to catch up with Steve and fish a place called Jefferson Head.
I got a ticket for expired tabs on my trailer... $42... great, i tried to renew them online, but the computer wouldn't let me unless I bought tabs for the 2010 year... there is only a week left in 2010, so I will have to wait a week to be able to get my trailer licenced and get back out there!
Two steps forward...one back!


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