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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wow! It Really Works...

Recently I had a dental exam. I asked about teeth whitening and was told that something called "Rev Whitening" is the way to go.
It cost about $180.00 from my dentist and they want to make rubber molds of your teeth to hold the "gel" while the molds hold the gel to your teeth. I looked online and found the same product for about $40.00. I am assuming that this would be with out the rubber molds, and the technician time etc.
My neighbor works for a dentist and I be bopped over their to talk with her about it, she wasn't home but here mom was there, and she works for the same dentist... the dentist is her other daughter,(It's a family affair) anyway, I spoke with her about all this and she recommended something called Crest Whitestrips Surpreme. Not only did she recommend them, but she went next door, yes she lives next door and brought me about 30 of these strips. I have been using them for about a week or more and am seeing wonderful improvement to my smile. Whiter, shinier teeth!


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