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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Magic In The Fast Lane?

Hahaha, Not so fast my friend....
I performed at my older brothers 35th High school reunion last night. I was invited by the planning organizer, Cheryl. She saw me perform about four weeks ago at my high school reunions' annual get together.
Reunions of this sort can be a challenge, but perhaps not. Maybe I am the challenge?!
Cheryl had seen me do walk around close-up magic only. She took the time to watch my promo video, and wanted Magic at her reunion. We discussed this in depth. Another factor was the "DJ" for the evening. Larry Lomax. He is a radio personalty on 105.3.
Larry has a Deep, smooth, silky voice.
Larry was the MC for the evening.
Having never seen me perform, I felt a lot of skepticism coming my way from him. This is no big deal, I am used to it, I mean, "what is magic boy going to do? Pull a rabbit outta his hat?"
So, I planned for just about any circumstance. I boned up on my close up sets. I prepared for my stage show. I was in contact with both Cheryl & Larry. Cheryl was all excited to have me perform my stand up act, Larry not so much so.
"It (The evening) is not about us." Larry informed me. "people will want to talk and reminisce."
I understood all this, still, I wanted to perform for them. It was a non paying gig. I knew or know may of the class of '75' as it was my brothers friends.
About fifteen minutes before I was to go on, I was met by Larry and Cheryl, and told I only had about twenty minutes.
WoW! They have no idea what that does to a performer. I build my show to have a certain rhythm, a flow. Each "piece" in the act is in a certain spot for a reason. "O.k. I'll cut some stuff out."
I grabbed a friend that has seen my show several times, and walked thru my set list with him.
He kept telling me to just go ahead and do my whole show, "what are they gonna do? Cut you off?"
I said, "it's O.k. It really is not about me, and I'll just try to leave them wanting more."
My set eventually consisted of...
1 Finger Clap for a warm up, Acrobatic Knot, Cut & Restored Rope, Lassoing a Card, Floating Card, And ended with the Cups & Balls. What I left out was the Linking Rings, the Vanishing Bandana, and the Egg Bag.(Boy did they miss out!)
Well, as the saying goes... The Show Must Go On!
I performed fine, but never really connected with the masses.
The people up front enjoyed the show, But there were two things happening at the same time.
I was performing on a small platform stage, and a large group of alumni were talking in the back of the room. Those in the back of the room that wanted to enjoy the magic, could not hear me.
I was mic'ed, but the only speakers were up front on either side of me.
I had a decent time, and so did those few spectators that could hear me. I had a hard time making that wonderful connection between performer and audience that makes magic magical!
Mama said there would be days like this!
Many people came up later and said they really enjoyed the show. I don't know if they were being polite or really did.
Several said I was very professional.
I performed some close up sleight of hand for many afterwards, as well as before. I found it rather ironic that many of those I was enthralling with close-up later in the evening, were the very ones that said, "I missed your show, we were talking in the back." Go figure! haha...
My friend Cheryl passed the hat, which I was a bit embarrassed to have her do, I brought my "tips" hat, but put it away in the car, felt rather awkward about the whole "money" thing.
Cheryl included dinner for my wife and I, and since I knew most everyone there... Just felt kind of weird.
But, I got a decent hat anyway, cuz Cheryl is an amazing personality. Talk about bouncing off the wall! She is a non stop dynamo.
I was approached by a man who asked if I do private parties. Of course was my reply, then he went on to explain that he is a member of a nudist camp. Made ma laugh, I asked him if I would have to perform nude. He said no, but afterward if I wanted I could take off my clothes and join them in their hot tubs. I gave him my card and told him to send me an email, we could discuss it further.
Later my wife met them, and they ran it all by her, her reaction was funny yet predictable, No, I don't think so! I just laughed...
I suppose I would have to come up with some magical sleight that involved removing clothes. I know of a couple, but if they are already naked... they wouldn't work anyway.
I know this post sounds kind of like sour grapes. I enjoyed seeing some old friends that I haven't seen since they graduated. And, as I look at some pictures from my performance I realize, i gave them the best I could under the circumstances!
So On We Go.


Blogger markjens said...

Tim, if you gave them the best you had and they didn't receive it, they lost out. I've seen you work dozens of times and I know what you're capable of. By the way, having worked radio I had to ask myself, "Which gives me more a feeling of pride, working radio or doing magic?" No question, hands down magic. Larry's problem with magic is Larry's problem, its just too bad he had a voice in the decisions regarding the length of your show - he shouldn't have. Your professional capability is very bit as valid as his. Sounds like a bit o' the insecurity bug to me '8) I'd hire you any day!


12:01 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Haha, well, you are correct as usual... I felt rushed during the set, like I had to fit evceryting into some kind of time restraint. I did not like this.
I noticed this about the M.C. well before the show arrived, I tried to work with him in advance of the show, about two weeks ago, and realized there was an ego problem. But then I thought that perhaps I should check mine as well.
We will see, I got some positive feedback from several attendees and handed out some business cards too.
I appreciate your support... A LOT!

3:57 PM  
Blogger Gerry said...

Hi Tim, I hope at your next show everyone can give you their full attention. I know at my 30 year reunion it was so noisy that you couldn't have heard anyone trying to do any kind of show.

On another note, Yesterday's Blogger blog of note was one that was about magic, and has a lot of videos showing how tricks are done. It appears to be from some other country as the about info is in some other language. Here it is if you want to take a look at it: http://magic-tube.blogspot.com/

4:39 PM  

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