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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tootin' My Own Horn... Or?

Last night my wife and I went out to a pub called Jacks in Renton. My high school class of 1977 was having a reunion, our 33rd. We meet up every year for some reason, and we also invite other years around ours to join us. I think we had around forty alums show up.
Well, a lot of my class mates are on facebook and have noticed some of my posts about magic etc... so, one thing led to another and well.... I can't leave home with out it!
Cards and rubber bands were the order of the night. I had a great time entertaining one and all. Those that would sit still long enough to be entertained that is, not sure my lovely wife appreciated me not giving her as much attention as she deserves, ah, the wife of a magician... lol...
I love being the under dog. People haven't seen the caliber of magic that I have learned over the years. (Thanks, Tom, Steve, Michael, Mark, Jose, Oz, Gazzo, Jay, and others)
I don't want to brag, but somewhere along the line, some of my magic became top notch. I was asked to come over and do a card trick for a table of people by a young woman named Mary Skagen. I graduated with her brother, and well... how do you get a magician to show you a hundred card tricks??? Ask him to show you one...
Anyway, as I arrived at the table, I could sense/feel the skepticism... The men were looking at me with "that" look in their eyes... I don't know if it is disdain, or a feeling of, "o.k. magic boy, this better be good." It took only one trick, my opener to get them to realize, this magic boy is pretty darn good! The Biddle Trick is my opener, and involves the spectator finding their selection in their pack in their hands.. after that, well gravy, with One eyed Jack Sandwich and Paper Clipped. After performing Paper Clipped... it's all over!
Now people begin to ask for my business card.
Great fun!here I am having my friend Kimmy, who is one of the organizers for our class sign a card, which I lost in the deck and promptly stuck to the ceiling!

Disarming a crowd with wonderful, non challenging magic.
I only stuck one card on the ceiling... the barmaid came over and cautioned me that the ceiling panels have a tendency to fall down...
Kimmy and I had great smiles on our faces, and now her name is stuck high upon the ceiling of Jacks Pub
A friend of mine brought his 12 year old son and his wife. They had to sit in a different section of the pub... I noticed them and went over and did a short "set" for them. His smile and laughter was all the reward I needed!

I think my wife had a nice time in spite of me. She was the most beautiful woman there.


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