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Monday, September 20, 2010

Clown Alley News

Here it is almost a week later and I'm finally posting about our alley meeting..
The days are moving rapidly along.
I can hardly get anything done and Winter is just about upon us and the nights will be longer and days shorter!
Our alley meeting was a very good one with one of our members, Sean Melicher teaching about posing as a clown, Posing... hmm... one of his greatest points was how we are taught to pose as a family from the time we are young to the time we are older. "Stand still, Smile, look at the camera, say cheese, etc..."
Well that IS NOT something you want to do as a clown, and in my case, as a magician! HOW BORING!!! Notice this first picture:No action and no props to enhance the photo, kind of dull, don't you think!
Now take a look at this next one, notice the difference, it's small but noticeable:

As we progressed in the "lecture" you can see how action adds flavor to the photo, I mean, what are you trying to portray as a clown!? Also, introducing available props and possibly stuff that is around you into the picture can really enhance things.

And notice this next one as there are a lot of people in it.
It is important to remember that the picture should be "focused" on them and not you. It is often hard not to "steal" the show so to speak when you are lit up in multitudes of bright colors, and the child or whoever is asking you to be in "their" Picture is not. This was another great point. Who is going to be holding on to the picture, who is it for?
Certainly not you, and while you want to give them the best of yourself, be careful not to do so much that you take away from them entirely!
Now this was a lecture that I can put to use right away!
Good information!


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