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Monday, September 13, 2010

WElcome Home

Last Friday we got a call from our son Eric, actually Katie got he call...
She said Eric was coming home later that night! Wow, that was kind of sudden... we were expecting him that weekend, but hadn't heard when. Well, Now is when!
We picked him up from the airport at about 10:15!
Man what a GREAT experience!
Welcoming your son, a hero, home from his time as a Marine and the war! He seems to be all intact!
By that I mean his mind is sound, his spirits are high, and his body is all intact as well!
We are truly blessed to have him home safe. So many do not.
It has been an interesting journey, these last five years.
He spent two tours in Iraq. Going out with his explosives sniffing dog. Finding hidden, buried caches in the sand.
Checking vehicles as they enter the city. He often said he is bored. I told him, "Bored is good!"
I think many of these young men and woman want action. Well, I am happy he didn't see any "real" action. Motly police work. Policing our own men!
Anyway... I digress.
I have been dancing in my heart for threee days!


Blogger Gerry said...

Hi Tim, I very glad to see that your son is home safe. It must be a relief after all this time. Good luck to him in whatever he does now.

4:29 PM  

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